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Celebrity Wedding Designer, Planner, and Producer

Jerri Woolworth and her team have the rare and essential knowledge and specialized skill-set required to successfully design, plan and produce celebrity weddings and high-profile special events.

Celebrity weddings and events come with an innumerable list of unique situations and special circumstances.  A “traditional” wedding planner, or coördinator, no matter how well-meaning, quite simply does not have the necessary tools or aptitude required to succeed in this specialized field.  One cannot gain this comprehension from training courses, reading about or serving in an apprenticeship. The celebrity wedding designer, planner, and producer must have plentiful and practical hands-on experience with a variety of complex high-profile events and is the one and only way to make sure a high-profile celebrity wedding or event is executed to perfection.  This is true, without exception!

Jerri Woolworth and her team have developed expert skills and gained a thorough understanding of celebrity events in the more than twenty years of consistent and abundant experience.  They have exceptional knowledge in organizing complex security services not only for their celebrity client but also for the host of celebrity and high-profile attending guests’ and their security requirements too.  Additionally, media challenges are ever-present in high-profile celebrity weddings and events.  The privacy challenges from fans/public as well as complex confidentiality with vendors and service providers are professionally handled with stealth-like precision.  Jerri Woolworth and her team have delivered on their privacy goal, every time, without exception!  Our celebrity clients have complete confidence in our comprehension in this highly specialized field giving them the ability to relax.  The level of privacy they will receive gives them the ability to forget the pressure associated with stardom.  The goal for every celebrity client is that, for just a moment, they get to feel as if they are the only two people in the world granting them the ability to relax and enjoy their private and memorable wedding.

Celebrity wedding designer Jerri Woolworth has the connections necessary to make sure that every event, no matter the size, scale, or scope, will receive excellence in service from the best vendors in the industry.  On this issue, Jerri Woolworth is NOT flexible.  She knows, from experience, that having even one under-qualified vendor can wreak havoc on her clients, on other vendor performances and can create unwelcome drama for her team.  On the other hand, by having proven and trusted professional vendors, the result is event excellence!

Jerri Woolworth is known nationally for conceptualizing, designing and creating extraordinary and beautiful one-of-a-kind celebrity weddings and luxury events. She is known for big and bold designs.  As a visionary designer, many people, over the past twenty years, have told her that what she is asking them to do is not possible.  She has made the impossible possible so many times that it has become a running joke among her team.  Two phrases you will never hear come from anyone on Jerri’s team are “it’s not possible” or “its good enough”.  Jerri is calm under pressure, but “its good enough” is one phrase that instantly sends her into a very unpleasant state.

But, enough about what she can do… once you get to know Jerri, you will find that her real talent lies in her heart for people, charity and her belief that, love is the single most powerful force in the Universe.  Jerri believes that each wedding or special event has its own personality and unique vibe and it’s her job to bring it to light.  Gifted with an innate ability to deeply connect with her clients, Jerri effortlessly draws out what sets them apart from any other couple in the world.  Her “secret sauce” lies in her heart for creating spectacular designs that are as unique as the couple themselves.  Her event design creations are sure to make your guests say, wow! But what stands out the most is her unyielding desire to create memorable experiences for her clients, their families, and every guest in attendance.  While it is your event, everyone in attendance feels like they too are very specialJerri Woolworth has worked with a lot of celebrities, but she is never star-struck.  She respects human beings from all walks of life and considers everyone equal and very important.  She just happens to work with celebrities too.

This bio is just a list of talents and experience.  But at the end of the day, Jerri Woolworth is most interested in positively impacting the lives of her clients and their guests.  They rave” it was unforgettable… priceless, thank you”!  In Her daily life, Jerri finds a sense of purpose in her work.  The knowledge that she has created memorable moments for people, making the human experience a little better.  She is humble and lives in gratitude, daily, for the trust her client’s place in her.  Jerri’s first thought in the morning is a prayer “thank you, God, how may I be of service today?”  Her second thought is, Carpe Diem; seize the day and make the most of this present moment.

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