Jerri Woolworth is one of the most sought-after luxury event planners in the world. With experience designing thousands of events, she has become a leading voice in the world of wedding and event design.

Jerri Woolworth has been a Grace Ormond Wedding Style Platinum List member and has also been featured in the magazine as well as the industry-defining hardcover book,
“Being in Love Never Goes Out of Style.”

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Luxury Wedding & Event Planner

Jerri Woolworth Weddings & Events has been specializing in designing, planning and producing celebrity and luxury weddings, galas, and social events in Cities and destinations around the world for more than 20 years.  She is known for her exquisite event designs planed for and attended by some of the world’s most well known names.  But, it takes more than a high price tag and a few recognizable names to be true to the title of luxury wedding and event designer.  Jerri Woolworth and her teams work has stood the test of time and achieved milestones that few can claim and only a handful can maintain.  Her longstanding passion for, understanding of and dedication to the wedding and events industry is what truly sets the her apart. Her clients have high expectations and they trust that no matter the type of wedding or event they can dream up, what Jerri creates will exceed their expectations.  This fact is made evident in the fact that clients call her again and again for every milestone event.  A large majority of Jerri’s business comes not from advertising or networking, but for client referrals.  Let us make your dream and vision into a one-of-a-kind reality.

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