Hire a Celebrity Favorite!  Jerri Woolworth is a luxury wedding planner, wedding designer, and event producer.  Entrust your wedding or special event to Jerri Woolworth and her team to discover why she is one of the most sought-after wedding planners in the United States.  When it comes to luxury events, this planner and her team have the real-world hands-on experience of producing thousands of weddings and special events which translates to an exceptional and successful event for you.  Call us, when only the best will do!

Among many other accolades, Jerri Woolworth has been a Grace Ormond Wedding Style Platinum List member and featured in the magazine. She is also a design contributor in the industry-defining hardcover book “Being in Love Never Goes Out of Style.”
Jerri and her team have become a leading voice in the world of event and wedding planning, design and production.  Trust us with your special day and find out why our clients come back to us for all of their milestone events.

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See our gallery page for samples of our Weddings, Red Carpet Events, Extravagant Galas and Corporate Soirées.  Let Jerri Woolworth and our team of expert wedding planners create a masterpiece for you!

Luxury Wedding Planner, Wedding Designer, and Wedding Producer

A celebrity favorite, Jerri Woolworth is a luxury wedding planner, designer, and producer serving Chicago, Los Angeles, and Nashville.  Jerri Woolworth Weddings and Events, has designed, planned, and produced exquisite celebrity wedding’s, luxury weddings, non-profit galas, corporate and social events in cities and destinations around the world.  Our client list includes celebrities, heads of state and some of the world’s most well-known names.  Jerri and her team have excelled at luxury wedding planning, not because of their client list, but rather because every client feels like a star.  Says Jerri; “Our service standards remain the same no matter who the client is”. 

There are many things that set Jerri Woolworth Weddings & Events apart like our superior creativity and more than two decades of exceptional hands-on experience to name just two.  But, more than anything, it’s our sincere care for our client, our innate ability and authentic determination to genuinely connect with each client.  Herein lies the “secret sauce” of Jerri Woolworth Weddings & Events and how we produce events that are so uniquely specific to each bride and grooms’ collective personalities or the corporate client brand.  The result?  True and exceptional one-of-a-kind event “experiences”.

Being a luxury wedding designing, planning and production firm takes more than just a high price tag and a recognized client list.  Jerri Woolworth’s work has stood the test of time and she and her team have achieved the kind of success that few can claim and only a handful can sustain.  You will benefit from our longstanding passion for, understanding of, and dedication to the wedding and special events industry.

If you study our event galleries, you will find exactly zero copy-cat designs in our portfolio.  Our clients have very high expectations.  When entrusted with your most important event or wedding, we will honor that trust with an equal measure of commitment.  You can expect stunning designs, organized planning, and flawless event execution.  What you may not expect is just how amazing your wedding or special event will truly be.  The common compliment we receive from clients includes “it’s like you were able to get inside my head” or, “it’s everything I have ever dreamed and more”.  Our goal is to consistently surpass your highest expectations.  It is an honor when our previous clients call us, again and again, to design, plan and produce important business and/or personal celebrations and milestones.  We hope to build that same kind of relationship with you.

We create “event experiences”.  Our company tagline is “memorable events don’t just happen” which is more than just a catchy phrase.  It takes remarkable vision and exceptional creativity, abundant hands-on event planning and production experience and a profound commitment to every clientevery eventevery time!  Leave any one element out and you have an “average” event.  Jerri’s second most known quote is “average is unacceptable”.  You will never hear anyone on our team say “it’s good enough”.  Settling for anything less than exceptional is what Jerri considers unacceptable!

Thank you for visiting our website.  We would be honored to turn your event vision into a one-of-a-kind reality.  Contact us today for your consultation.


Because our client list includes celebrities, heads of state and some of the world’s most well-known names, we protect and uphold the rights of our clients to privacy.  We apply strict privacy principles with a level of commitment unsurpassed in our industry.  One client referred to our company as “Stealth-Like” while another called Jerri her “Beautiful Pit Bull” conveying how protective Jerri was of her before, during and after her private soirée.  Call us because we treat every client like a star.  Says Jerri; “Our service standards remain the same no matter who the client is”.

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